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Health & Safety Protocol

Hello Guests,

We are thrilled to be announcing the reopening of Kudu, and Smokey Kudu, on Saturday 4th July.  We have missed you, and we hope that the feeling was mutual.  Of course the restaurant and bar will be slightly different from before the Covid outbreak, and we would like to reassure you that we are taking all the obvious precautions, and expanding our level of hygiene to protect both guests and staff.

Here are some of the precautions, and requests you will find in place when you visit.

. All staff will have been checked and logged for any health issues, and if necessary sent home to quarantine.

. Staff will always wear fresh clothing for each service, and will have training, in order to be aware of the highest levels of hygiene, and safe working environmental conditions.

. The restaurant will be deep cleaned after each service.

. Hand sanitisers will be available at the point of entry for guests.





. Temperature checks will be mandatory for each guest, and we reserve the right of refusal.

. The table settings have been rearranged to allow for social distancing, as far as can be practical.

. As much as possible only staff allocated to a table will be serving, and protective clothing will be provided that are non-reusable.

. Tables will be thoroughly sanitised between guests visits.

. Washrooms will be checked regularly, and sanitised.

. Hand washing regularly by all staff and guests is requested.

. We will be retaining details of hosts for the use of tracing, should this be necessary.

. We are very much looking forward to see you again, and moving forward together within the safety of a controlled environment.

Amy, Patrick & all Kudu Management

Amy and Patrick from Kudu